Who Pays for What?! – A Guide to Services, Providers and Payors

Using this handy guide you will learn what services and therapies there are, who provides them, where they are provided and who is supposed to be paying for them BEFORE You start paying out of pocket. The “Who Pays for What” document covers: Service Name Service Description Who Delivers Service Who Funds Service Links It […]

A – Z: Autism Journey Blueprints

The Autism Journey Blueprints were created as a quick introduction reference guide for families on the autism journey. Complete Autism Journey Blueprints: click here to download the PDF. AJ Blueprints – Years 1-3: click here to download the PDF. AJ Blueprints – Medical Intervention: click here to download the PDF. AJ Blueprints – Dietary Intervention: click here to download […]

Resources for Teens & Adults

As the children of TACA’s parents have aged, we’ve worked to put together a series of articles to address teen- and adult-related issues and services. Below you will find articles to help you survive the teen years and get your young adult on the road to his or her future. Teens School Transition IEPs Bullying […]

Teens and Adults Booklist

Recommended Books For and About Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders For reading recommendations on other topics like education, medical and therapies, please see our Autism Book List Books on Transition Preparing for Life: The Complete Guide for Transitioning to Adulthood for those with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome by Dr. Jed Baker Transition IEPs: […]

College Programs & Funding

There are many programs to help your child attend and succeed at college. TIP! If you are going to apply for grants such as a Pell Grant, make sure you have registered for Selective Service, as it’s a qualification for most federal grant funding programs. College Assistance Programs There are companies who can assist you […]

Volunteering Opportunities for People With ASD

Volunteering is essential for creating well-rounded adults. Volunteering not only teaches skills and keeps the volunteer engaged, but also benefits the larger community, spreads autism awareness and we can make new friends. The following are just some examples of volunteering opportunities that may be of interest to young adults with ASD. Volunteermatch.org has a great […]

A – Z: TACA Facts – a video series answering the most common questions

We are very excited about a new video series in collaboration with our friends at Autism Live. Introducing: TACA Facts This is an introduction to our new series “TACA Facts” sponsored by Autism Live. We’ll answer the most common questions for families living with autism in 2-3 minute segments. TACA Fact: Can children with autism […]

FREE Legal Clinics

NEW! TACA Legal Advocacy Program Collaborates with the Special Education Law Firm and Adams & Associates to provide FREE Legal Clinics TACA, in collaboration with the Special Education Law Firm (SELF) and Adams & Associates will be hosting monthly FREE legal advice clinics for TACA families. Services for this clinic will be provided by SELF […]

Resources for Legal Assistance

When seeking legal advocacy, please note that TACA provides external resources for our families. Our support services are limited to parent support and legal questions are referred out to organizations that have expertise in this area. There are many resources available to special needs families that will assist you in finding local legal advocacy resources: National […]

Guardianships and Conservatorships

It seems like just yesterday that my son was toddling around on unsteady legs and poof, now he’s almost a legal adult. Yikes! So besides a party and some gifts, what else do we need to prepare for? A lot, it turns out. So much changes when adulthood comes – insurance coverage, assistance eligibility, finances, educational options, […]

Preparing for Your Special Needs Child’s Future By Planning for Your Departure

“The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin This article is about death. This is not a pleasant topic for anyone. This is not something that should not be avoided and carefully planned for anyone with children – especially children with special needs. In the past year, five local autism families […]

Obtaining Funding for an AAC Device

For many people with autism, iPads literally give them a voice. Unfortunately, iPads aren’t cheap. Even the least expensive iPad is unaffordable for families who already have enormous out-of-pocket medical expenses. Fortunately, iPads are a viable Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) modality, so there are several ways to obtain funding for them. Those options include […]

Insurance Definitions

ABC (Alternative Billing Codes) Based on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine maintained by Alternative Link. Congenital A disease or disorder that is a result of genetic abnormalities, the intrauterine (uterus) environment, errors of morphogenesis, a chromosomal abnormality, or a complex mix and unknown factors. Some factors can include heredity, environmental, or behavioral. Congenital disorders vary widely […]

Autism Insurance Resources

California Autism Insurance Illinois Autism Facts Oregon Autism Insurance Pennsylvania Autism Insurance Information Department of Insurance and State Laws How to Fight a Health Insurance Denial, by Brie Cadman 49 States OTHER THAN CA: Autism Insurance Information Group List For parents and practitioners to learn about coding and insurance problems. CA ONLY: Autism Insurance Information […]

State Medicaid

This is a very important piece of the puzzle. Medicaid can pick up what your insurance company doesn’t pay, including co-pays. Also, if your HMO has strict limits to the number of visits, Medicaid would kick in and pay after those visits have been exhausted, if you are using a Medicaid provider. Most states have Medicaid (income-dependant) […]

Autism Insurance Legislation

There are a number of efforts happening throughout the country to get autism treatments, or at least ABA therapy, covered in states. Parents and advocates are working together to get coverage. You can help too. Keep reading. States that have insurance legislation in place (some better than others): Arizona: Effective June 30, 2009. Covers therapy costing as […]

What is ERISA?

ERISA is the abbreviation for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.   Let’s say you live in a state with a parity law – like California’s AB88. Wahoo! Right? Not so fast. Here is the glitch – The law only pertains to SOME insurance companies. The insurance plans that are self-funded, are exempt!  Ouch. How do you know if your […]