Teens with ASD: Medical Treatment with an Older Child

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi Medical Interventions are not just for the very young. The beautiful thing about medical intervention is that there is no “window” during which medical treatments will only work, but rather we’ve seen many families start medical treatments with teens and adults with […]

Teens with ASD: Puberty – What to Expect, Seizures, Anxiety, Sexuality

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi Puberty Sexuality Seizures Anxiety For Girls Only Suggested Reading   Puberty: The Great Equalizer I have always called puberty the “great equalizer” because I have seen so many kids drastically change, good or bad, during puberty. Some children, with no changes in […]

Try, Before You Apply

These are Top-Ten Services requested from the TACA Scholarship Program and the alternate funding sources to pay for them. Lab Tests MB12 Injections Office Visits Supplements HBOT ABA, OT, Speech or Other Ongoing Therapies Lab Tests Most Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) doctors order test panels that are easy for them to read, […]

Autism Video Library

Browse our movie library: Annual Family Picnic 2007 2008 2009 2011 Ante Up for Autism 2007 2010   Autism: Hope After Diagnosis Autism Recovered Family Videos Buchanan Children’s Charities (Buchanan Street Partners) Child Vaccinations Debated on “The Doctors” TV show Christian and Makena Howcast Video: How to Help a Child with Autism Measles, Mumps & […]

Sample Child To-Do Check List

This document is a “sample” checklist to consider in planning intervention for a child affected by autism. Please note, the order and action items will vary by child. This is only a sample. Please consult with your child’s development and medical team for what is appropriate for their individual needs. For comments, suggestions and questions […]

Provider Resource Directory: Categories

This is a full listing of all categories in our Provider Resource Directory. Please look through this listing if you are having problems identifying which category best fits the resource you are seeking. Also see Frequently Asked Questions. Activities Camps Inflatable Bounce Houses/Parties Karate Sports Swimming Lessons Dentists (Autism Friendly) Dentists Orthodontists Disability Advocacy Early […]

Provider Resource Directory: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Autism Provider Resource Directory? Click here Autism Provider Resource Directory. I don’t understand how these categories are organized. How can I find the resource I’m looking for? Please see our Provider Resource Directory Category Listing. My phone number is wrong. How can I update my listing? Please see “Report Abuse or Correction” […]

Vocational Rehabilitation

Another Big Date Blink. Now your child is turning 22. What are the options when the school bus stops coming for him or her? Not many, really. Disabled adults can get employment help through the Vocational Rehabilitation system and live as independently as they are able with help from HUD, Fannie Mae and other agencies.   […]

Legal Planning & Special Needs Trusts

Proper planning for your child’s future requires documentation, and all of these require a lawyer. Last Will and Testament Describes how you want your estate distributed and appoints a guardian for your child. In some cases it should not distribute assets to a child with special needs, which may jeopardize any aid they receive. Letter […]


There are several types of housing options available. A disabled adult can live on their own, if able, in houses or apartments or if they are unable to care for themselves with limited help, they can live in residential facilities, such as adult foster care, group homes, farms and institutions. Because of the epidemic numbers of […]

Government Resources & Obligations: Selective Service Registration

All men must register for Selective Service (aka the Draft), even men with autism, unless they are institutionalized. Are disabled men, or men with medical conditions, required to register with Selective Service? The only process now in effect is that men between the ages of 18 and 26 register with Selective Service and keep their […]

Dependent Disabled Adults: Continuation of Private Health Care Coverage

Most states have laws which allow parents to continue health plan coverage for their disabled adult children, even past the point at which a child’s eligibility for dependent coverage would normally terminate because of their age. California law, for example, allows coverage to continue if the disabled child can’t support him or herself by work […]

Divorce Advice for Special Needs Families

By Holly Bortfeld While it’s never ideal for a family to break up, especially when there is a special needs child involved who generally requires more support, sometimes divorce is necessary. In addition to the standard woes and challenges that divorce brings to every family, families with children with special needs may also benefit from the […]

Autism on Public Assistance

By Holly Bortfeld with help from Moira Giammatteo In an effort to help our families afford the treatments that can help their children, TACA introduced the very popular article series “Autism-On-A-Budget,” but with the worsening economy, we’ve been getting many more requests for help from families who are on, or considering, public assistance programs like Medicaid, […]