Getting Kids to Take Vitamins and Medication

Kids with autism can be the pickiest eaters on the planet.  As a result, this pickiness contributes to their vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Functional medicine doctors will often treat autism with therapeutic doses of supplements.  In addition, there are often medications such as seizure medications, antibiotics, or prescription strength vitamins to be managed. Doctors don’t tell you how […]

Autism Research Institute (ARI) Parent Ratings of Behavioral Effects of Biomedical Interventions

Autism Research Institute ● 4182 Adams Avenue ● San Diego, CA 92116 [Excerpt of article cited from ARI Publ. 34/March 2009] Download the full article here. February 2008 The parents of children affected by autism represent a vast and important reservoir of information on the benefits—and adverse effects— of the large variety of drugs and […]