Beware of false pessimism

By Lisa Ackerman When Temple Grandin’s life story was featured in a fantastic, Emmy Award winning HBO movie the scene between the psychologist and Temple’s mom Eustacia made me cry for two reasons (1.) For one, it’s heartbreaking to hear the autism diagnosis followed by no cure, nothing you can do, and to consider institutionalization. […]

Honest Thoughts from a Sibling: I am affected by autism too

TACAnow Guest Blog: By Amber Betzold Growing up with a profoundly autistic sibling has been an adventure. It has been at times both painful and enlightening. I think in some ways I matured faster than my peers with neurotypical siblings. Growing up with my brother, Beau, required me to learn patience, and I like to […]

So autism is common. Who cares?

By: Dr. Bob Sears – Pediatrician and TACA Physician Advisory Member Before you yell at me for the title, pause and sense the sarcasm. I do care; I care deeply. As a full-time practicing pediatrician, I have continued to witness an alarming increase in the number of healthy babies in my practice who regress into […]

What constitutes an emergency?

By Lisa Ackerman We are all too aware April is autism awareness month. With the release of the new stats/figures/numbers of 1 in 88 U.S. children diagnosed with autism (1) just days before April kicked off, another announcement was shared: the new IACC appointees (2). Sadly with exception of one, it appears to be the […]

Day Two: Autism ACTION month

In honor of autism awareness  ACTION month, we will be asking friends of TACA to do something every day in April. Today’s task is very simple. Please take two minutes to watch a great video about Charlie and how his community is rising up to help him. Here is the link: Here are several […]

The Autism Epidemic continues to rage on…

Will the new CDC autism rates make this disease a priority? By Lisa Ackerman Back in 1999, I was lost. I didn’t know what autism was. It was a foreign word with a vague reference to the movie Rain Man and a character played by Dustin Hoffman.  Back then, when I started searching for answers […]

Personal Note from TACA Executive Director, Lisa Ackerman

2011 is a wrap and as usual it feels like another year went by in the blink of an eye. It’s only in reflection that I am reminded that what feels like a blink now wasn’t. TACA was a whirlwind of activity all year; helping families, building relationships, and expanding our community. This could not […]


CHANGE THE WORLD!  Two years ago my husband Glen helped launch a pet project, the TACA Autism Youth Ambassadors (AYA).  Spending time with these inspirational young leaders has since become one of our favorite things to do. I have had the great fortune to speak at several club meetings.  The Youth Ambassadors bring such positive […]