Our Two Autism Superheroes

    By Paulette– TACA Mom   We have 2 children, both diagnosed with autism. Our daughter, Sophie, is 6 and our son, Charlie, is 4-1/2 years. Sophie was born prematurely and with many complications after birth and in her first few months. She was severely anemic at birth due to a fetomaternal hemorrhage, suffered […]

Treating Autism Chart

The Treating Autism Chart originated from the 2003 book “Treating Autism” from Autism Research Institute’s Dr. Bernard Rimland and Dr. Stephen Edelson. The purpose of this chart is to allow parents to describe the symptoms their child exhibited before and after treatment. This will allow other parents to identify who may be a similar match […]

Probiotics AND Digestive Enzymes TOGETHER

By Maday Labrador, Ph.D – Vice President of Scientific Affairs for Enzymedica Food intolerances are common, even people who maintain a healthy diet may have challenges with digestion from time to time.  These adverse reactions can be in response to a particular food or compound found in food.  I think almost everyone knows someone who […]

Educating the Next Generation Autism Doctors

by Guest Blogger:  Sandra Haines, MAPS Executive Director “Complicated” If ever there was one word that could utterly define everything about autism, “complicated” is it. Parents and physicians alike grapple with the complexities that are the world of autism.  Children on the spectrum face complicated learning issues and medical conditions.  Physicians who commit to helping […]