We’re Thankful For


Like many of you, when the leaves begin to turn and the coolness can be felt in the air, I begin thinking of the holidays and all that it means to me.

Each year, I am astounded at how quickly the year has passed as Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away! This time of the year, I like to sit and reflect on the things that I am grateful for.

My amazing family that has been beside me each step of this journey called autism, the supporters that have given so passionately, the volunteers who have dedicated countless hours to our mission, but most of all, to each of the families that have touched my heart along the way.

Each week I hear from at least one family who is grateful for TACA. Since 2000 we have been a lifeline to tens of thousands of families- I would like to share with you a brief story from one of those families.

  “Seven years ago, I was handed a paper with a diagnosis of autism for my then four year old son. No help offered, nowhere to turn, just a diagnosis, a re-check appointment and a handshake of good luck to you. Thank goodness we were pointed in the direction of TACA! TACA gave us HOPE; hope that anything was possible and that our son could get better. We learned about services, school districts, and treatment; but most importantly we gained support. Support from other families that were like ours dealing with the up’s and downs of autism.”

Today our son is 11 years old. He is completely mainstreamed in a general education classroom. Seven years ago, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to go out of my home again without him trying to run from us or that he would ever say, “I love you.” We can go out as a family, and yes, we have heard those three little words.
TACA Orange County Mom


I know this is not every family’s story and many still have a tremendous amount of work ahead of them. But TACA is here to ensure that all families living with autism have the tools they need to succeed. And I know that with our loyal dedicated families, supporters and friends by our side, we will continue to help families and impact lives.

With each of you in my life, I truly have much to be grateful for.

Executive Director & Founder