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In Honor of Joe and Shelly Wambach

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In Honor of Ben Lewis in Westfield, Indiana and his warrior mom Kristine Lewis who will never stop working on a cure

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In Honor of Ethan A Ndeloa

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In Honor of Crew Barnum

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In Honor of Hunter Shook

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In Honor of Gino

Alexander MacInnis

In Honor of All of the vast numbers of families with members disabled by autism

Cynthia Gonyer

In Honor of Ethan and Mara Gonyer

Heidi Abdelhady

In Honor of Families, Teachers, Therapists and Warrior Mama’s, Papa’s and the Maryland/DC Chapter.

Betty and Jim Walsh

In Honor of Ali, Mike, Matthew and Colin Hoffman

Lisa Ackerman

In Honor of Jeff

Doreen Ambe

In Honor of Naaman Ambe, Nemuel Ambe and All Kids on the Autism Spectrum for their Hardwork and Hope for Recovery.

Douglas & Robyn Wonnenberg

In honor of ND Chapter and Janice

Christopher Lucey

In Honor of Leah Hamilton

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In Honor of Adeline Wyatt

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In Honor of the most amazing grandsons -- Jared, Dylan and Jake!

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In Honor of Cortica Team - Rebecca and Jenny

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In Honor of Cortica Team - Lauren, Eva, Linda & Angelina

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In Honor of Blake Norton

The number of families in need continues to grow. Through your generous support today, you have the power to provide education, support and hope to families living with autism. 

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