TACA helps families take action to find effective interventions when they feel overwhelmed by autism’s challenges and assures them most importantly that they are not alone.

Your support will help TACA continue to provide scholarships, family events, and webinars. All these resources empower parents and caregivers to take action for their children and never give up.

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Watch the journey and progress of this remarkable TACA family

Meet Akshay and the Garcia Family

"When my mom and dad got the news that my brother had autism, they were basically told that he would never graduate, have a job, or even tell someone “I love you.” My parents said to heck with what the doctors assumed and instead worked to find ways to help Akshay. Thanks to TACA, we found a community that supported us through the hard times and helped my brother be the man he is today - a graduate, working his first job, who never forgets to tell his family and friends that he loves them."

Akshay’s Sister


Invest in the lives of families affected by autism. Your generous gift will help TACA fulfill its vision for every individual diagnosed with autism to lead an independent life.

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