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TACA Hawaii holds Autism Learning Seminars, Meetings, Coffee Talks and family events throughout the year. Our meetings and seminars feature educational speakers on important topics for ASD families. Our Coffee Talks and family events provide more settings where families can informally network, share resources and speak with seasoned parents.

Hawaii Events

Monday, June 28

Virtual Parent Zoom Meeting - West

4:30 PM (HST)

Families in the West - Let’s get together virtually with TACA. Come with your questions and concerns but more importantly, come with your experiences. Sharing your experiences with other families on the autism journey will have us all leaving with a lot of learning and a lot of HOPE!
Registration will close on the evening prior to the event. An email with the log in information will be sent to you the day of the event.

Now thru June 30

Primitive Reflexes and their role in Autism

with Erica Basso, D.C.


Every child is born with a set of reflexes called Primitive Reflexes and these reflexes should disappear by the time a child is one year old. Oftentimes, these reflexes never fully go away, which leads to delays in brain function and maturation. During this presentation Dr. Basso will describe the importance of building proper neurological function and how a strong neurological foundation plays a role in symptom improvement and recovery.
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Now thru June 30

Best Practices and Outcomes in Telehealth ABA

with Kristine Rodriguez, M.A., BCBA


This presentation will explore best practice recommendations related to telehealth service delivery, including an overview of the Protocol Modification Assessment, a treatment selection matrix that was published in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 crisis. This model provides recommendations for assessing client and family readiness for telehealth services, and includes recommendations related to program modifications that may be necessary during this season. The presentation will also include an overview of client- and caregiver-focused assessments of effectiveness, so that participants can engage with their treatment teams to identify shared priorities in their care and to achieve desired outcomes.
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Try our Autism Journey Blueprints!
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