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This April, TACA is moving the autism community forward through awareness and acceptance to action. Together we can positively impact the health, well-being, and quality of life of individuals with autism. Join us in our effort to drive positive change for individuals with autism by participating in one or all of the action items below.

Spread Awareness

Throughout the month, we’ll be posting #AutismFacts on Facebook and Instagram. Take action by sharing these posts to educate your family and friends about autism.

1 in 0

children in the US have autism


of children with autism have anxiety


of children with autism are non-speaking


of children with autism have seizures


of children with autism have sleep issues

Learn and Get Support

TACA’s mission is to provide education and support to families living with autism. Take action by joining us for one or more of the following educational and family support events.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events. Please come back at a later time.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events. Please come back at a later time.

Fundraise or Make a Donation

Donations make it possible for TACA to provide education, support, and hope to families living with autism.  You can help TACA support families by making a donation or participating in one of our fundraising campaigns.


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Families are invited to create online fundraising teams, share their autism journey stories, and ask their families and friends to support their teams with a donation.

Community Fundraisers

Sorry, there are no upcoming events. Please come back at a later time.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events. Please come back at a later time.

Support TACA Programs While You Shop

You can also help support TACA programs and services by making a purchase at Shop TACA or through one of our affiliate links on Amazon.

Help Us Reach More Families by Sharing About TACA

For over 21 years, TACA has been there for more than 83,000 individuals affected by autism. But there are thousands more who need our help. You can help us reach them by sharing how TACA has helped your family or a family that you know.

TACA helped my son find his voice. Now, he won’t be quiet.


I am thankful for TACA. They opened doors for my child to receive the support she deserves.


TACA is a wonderful and supportive community. It’s like having knowledgeable friends on your team.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU TACA from the bottom of my heart. I’m so lucky to find you after my son’s ASD diagnosis.


I just got my TACA Mentor. It didn’t even take 24 hours and it’s already changing our lives.


My son would not be where he is today without the conferences, events, networking, support, and knowledge that TACA provides.


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