Chapters & Events

TACA chapters across the US hold Meetings, Autism Learning Seminars, Coffee Talks and family events throughout the year. Our seminars feature educational speakers on important topics for ASD families. Our Coffee Talks and family events provide more settings where families can informally network, share resources and speak with seasoned parents.

National Events

with with Jim Adams, PhD

The ANRC protocol is based on our 12-month study of comprehensive nutritional and dietary intervention, which included vitamin/minerals, fish oil, Epsom salt baths, carnitine, digestive enzymes, and a healthy allergen-free diet.

with Kelly Steffens

Do you need to start a gluten and casein-free diet and don't know where to start? We will cover what gluten and casein-free diet is, and why it is important for kids with autism.

Irvine/Costa Mesa Area

December 4

10:00 AM-1:30 PM PDT

Experience some holiday fun at TACA's Holiday Drive-Thru with Santa. Families will remain in their cars and receive special treats and goodies from our holiday helpers as they make their way to wave and deliver their letters to Santa.

December 7

10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

In this presentation Dr. D’Adamo will describe the science and clinical studies of sulforaphane/Avmacol and his colleague Dr. Raymond Escalona will discuss two impressive cases in which patients responded very well with thorough documentation (ATEC, MSQ, etc.).

December 7

6:30 PM CST / 7:30 PM EST

Families in the East (all regions welcome!) - Let’s get together virtually with TACA and plan for the Holidays.

December 9

4:30 PM PDT / 7:30 PM EST

TACA will host a virtual roundtable discussion on diet and nutrition in autism. Following the panel discussion, your submitted questions will be discussed during a moderated Q&A session.

December 14

10:00 AM HST / 12:00 PM PST

Families in the West (all regions welcome!) - Let’s get together virtually with TACA and plan for the Holidays.

December 16

4:30 PM PDT / 7:30 PM EST

Parents with Teens & Adults- Let’s get together virtually with TACA and plan for the Holidays.

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