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virtual education, support events

TACA offers monthly virtual parent support and family panel meetings where parents can connect with other autism parents from their home computer or mobile phone.

newly diagnosed autism seminar

The TACA Newly Diagnosed Seminar provides a comprehensive overview of all things on the autism journey.

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virtual support hours

Each week, TACA Mentors will help families create a plan to connect with resources and TACA programs to create better outcomes in their autism journey. Located in our TACA Connect App, you can find the Virtual Support Hour in the Feature Menu. If you haven’t signed up for TACA Connect yet, click Learn More for information on how to download the app on your phone or sign up via desktop to attend.

videos on-demand

We’ve assembled some of our most important lectures for you to watch on demand at any time! Topics here include all the ones we know families request—help on IEPs, root causes of challenging behavior, sleep, and new research with analysis on what that means for you and your families. Best of all, we will rotate the content periodically to keep things fresh.


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