The Team

Working Together to Achieve One Goal

In the spirit of the proverbial village, TACA thrives on collaborative efforts. Our dedicated board members contribute their time, connections, and expertise, playing a pivotal role in advancing TACA's mission. Serving as community advocates, TACA ambassadors generously volunteer their time to champion our mission and values. The indispensable Medical Advisory Board shares valuable knowledge and resources, actively contributing to TACA's articles and guiding parents to our supportive community. Our committed TACA staff diligently works each day to provide education and support to families navigating the challenges of autism. Foundation Partners play a crucial role in sustaining TACA’s essential services and empowering us to expand in order to better address the evolving needs of the families we serve. Together, this collective effort ensures the fulfillment of TACA’s vital mission.

Board Members

emeritus members

TACA wishes to thank our emeritus board members for their time and service to our mission.

Chad Fitzsimmons

Patrick McIlvain

Casper Zublin Jr.


Lisa Ackerman

Executive Director & Founder

Joan Baek

Program Director

Carolyn Baker

Director of Development & Marketing

Diana Barstad

Finance Manager

Michelle Del Rosario

Adult Program Coordinator

Rhyan Erb

Volunteer Support Coordinator

Simran Garcia

Southern California Outreach Coordinator & Parent Support

Moira Giammatteo

Database & Scholarship Manager

Cindy Gonyer

Communications Manager

Todd Hanson

Chief Financial Officer

Kenny Le

Communications Associate

Nicole Moshier

Conference Manager

Heather Nelson

People Resources, Culture, & Engagement Manager

Ace Panol

Multimedia Communications Manager

Kiele Pennington

Program Design Coordinator

Chrys Rheinbolt

Scholarship Coordinator

Christa Robaina

Program Assistant - Hope and Help

Kat Smith

Program Assistant - Hope and Help

Kelly Steffens

Program Support Lead - Hope & Help

Marley Steffens

Program Assistant - Hope and Help

Jessica Tadokoro

Development Coordinator

Susan Tordini

Office Coordinator

April Tran

Accounting Associate

Claire Yu

Fund Development Specialist

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