Autism Checklists & Downloads

When your loved one is diagnosed with autism, the task of managing their medical, therapeutic, and educational needs can seem overwhelming. Use these checklists, and access interactive, printable downloads to guide you on your path to supporting your child.


autism checklists

Newly Diagnosed Checklist

As you begin your journey, be patient with yourself. You don’t have to know or do everything today. Take things one step at a time, knowing that, little by little, a little becomes a lot.


New School Year Checklist

Get your child with autism ready for an exceptional start to the new year! Download our FREE “About Me” student information form and use this guide as a new school year “checklist” with tips and ideas to set your child up for school success!


Beginning Medical Treatments Checklist

This checklist provides links to information to help you begin your child’s medical journey. Addressing your child’s health can improve their outcome and quality of life, and better their opportunity for becoming independent.


Therapies for Autism Checklist

Therapy helps your child with skill development. There are many different forms of therapy, all of which have different purposes.


Types of Doctors Checklist

Our kids with autism require a team of medical practitioners. However, sometimes it is hard to navigate the maze of doctors. This checklist of different types of doctors will help you sort through that mystery.


Locating Local Resources Checklist

Finding the best places to take your child for local therapies, doctors, and services can be overwhelming. In addition, agencies and organizations vary greatly from region to region. Use these tips to navigate finding local resources.


Education for Autism Checklist

The school system and other educational choices can be confusing. Federal law mandates what the public school system must provide for students with disabilities. Use the following checklists to learn about navigating the public education system.


Functional Life Skills Checklist

Not every skill listed will be useful or appropriate for your child. Please work with your child, their teachers, and therapists to determine what skills to focus on.



The GFCF Diet at School Tip Sheet

Download a FREE Tip Sheet filled with ideas and information to help make classrooms safe and fun for all students.


Phenols & Salicylates Tip Sheet

Download TACA’s FREE Tip Sheet for more information about:


Bowel Cleanse Instructions

A bowel cleanse is the same as the prep done for a colonoscopy. It removes all old stool from the colon and rectum.


Hope Worksheet

Here’s a FREE worksheet to help you plan your goals and inspire hope!


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