Things that You may Need to Know

This section contains frequently asked questions of TACA. We hope this page helps you better understand TACA’s mission, how you can get help, and how you can support TACA.


My child was recently diagnosed with autism. How can TACA help me?

TACA offers a variety of programs aimed at providing parent education and support. These include:

How do I find a TACA event in my area?

In-person TACA meetings are led by TACA parent volunteers and vary by area. Check out TACA’s Event Page to find upcoming meetings. If there is not a meeting local to you, please join the conversation in one of our virtual meetings!


My family is in crisis! Can TACA help me?

Unfortunately, no. TACA does not provide emergency services. Please call 211 or reach out to an appropriate state agency. You can find out more from TACA’s article on Emergency Assistance.

Does TACA provide direct services to children or adults diagnosed with autism?

No.  Since 2000, TACA was created to provide education, support and hope to families living with autism. We do not have the financial resources or mission to provide direct services.


I’m a parent/caregiver that wants to give back to TACA. How can I help?

At TACA, we are families with autism helping families with autism. We welcome those wanting to volunteer to help others!

How can I support TACA?

TACA is a 501(3)C nonprofit that relies on generous supporters to provide our programs to families with autism. Read more about how you can financially support our mission.

If you are a business interested in a sponsorship, please learn more here!


What is TACA’s stance on vaccines?

TACA does not give medical advice.

TACA supports all families living with autism regardless of vaccine status. We understand that this is a very personal issue and TACA supports all families in helping their children achieve a positive outcome and quality of life. TACA encourages families to work with their doctor to make the best medical decisions for their families.

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