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APRIL 1-28, 2023

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April 1-7
April 8-14
April 15-21
April 22-28

TACA's Take Action Conference Series is an entirely new offering for TACA families. This virtual month-long opportunity will include live lectures from experts, take-action workshops, parent and professional panels, virtual support hours, and sponsor spotlights. On the TACA Connect app, families can access resources, download lecture slides, and interact with other families going through the autism journey. Walk away with bite-sized action steps, a plan for your children, and the empowerment to act confidently. 

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The weekly presentation recordings will be available each Saturday. All lectures are available until May 31st so you can watch them on your time.  


over 25 presentations

Watch informative lectures from our incredible line-up of experts. Topics will cover all stages and aspects of the autism journey, including IEPs, therapies, common co-occurring medical issues, communication, behavioral issues, and more!

virtual support hour

Live Support is offered every week!  TACA Mentors will help families create a plan to connect with resources and TACA programs to create better outcomes in their autism journey.  



Parents will have the chance to submit questions to our panels of autism experts and veteran parents in order to get practical tips and ideas on improving their child's health and wellbeing.    

take action sessions

TACA's support team and autism professionals will help you put the information you learned into action during these interactive sessions. TACA wants you to walk away equipped with knowledge and empowerment 


You’ll come away from TACA's Take Action Educational Series with new information, strategies, and resources to help maximize your child’s potential and improve their quality of life.

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There is a high prevalence of co-occurring medical conditions among individuals with autism. Numerous health issues are related to GI disorders, immune dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more. Combining therapeutic interventions with medical treatment can improve health, behavior, and communication. Embark on a journey of discovery with TACA as we explore co-occurring medical issues and how to address them with a medical provider.

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April 3

09:00:00 PDT
Conference Welcome

10:00:00 PDT
Introduction to Functional Medicine and Autism

with Dan Rossignol, MD, FAAFP

12:00:00 PDT
The Art & Science of Synchronized Brain Development

with Rebecca Jackson

14:00:00 PDT
Low Dose Immunotherapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

with Ty Vincent, MD

April 4

10:00:00 PDT
Virtual Support Rooms

12:00:00 PDT
Brain Inflammation in ASD and Neuropsychiatric Disorders

with Kenneth Bock, MD

16:00:00 PDT
Genetic Predispositions to Neuro Inflammation

with Bob Miller, CTN

April 5

10:00:00 PDT
The IMPORTANCE of DETOX - The What, The Why, The How:

a candid discussion with Dr. Jarod Skowron and Glenn Wilhelm of the IonCleanse by AMD

12:00:00 PDT
Brain Map Guided Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation for the Treatment of ASD

with David Velkoff, MD, MA

14:00:00 PDT
Exploring Common GI Issues in Autism

with Arthur Krigsman, MD

16:00:00 PDT
Latest Trends in Digestive Supplements

with Devin Houston, PhD

April 6

10:00:00 PDT
Medical Take Action Session

with Julie Buckley, MD and Kelly Steffens

April 7

16:00:00 PDT
Medical Panel Parent Panel


APRIL 8-14

An estimated 40% of children with autism do not have verbal speech. Many others struggle with aspects of communication. Join TACA for webinars, panels, and live support discussing the underlying causes of speech issues, different communication modalities, and therapeutic treatments.  

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April 10

10:00:00 PDT
Our Role in Supporting AAC

with Darlene Hanson

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency in Speech Disorders

with Katie Dahlgren, ND

Apraxia of Speech in Autism

with Meredith Brand, CCC-SLP, COM

April 11

10:00:00 PDT
Virtual Support Rooms

12:00:00 PDT
How Parents Can Take the Lead on their Child’s Speech and Communication

with Katie Anawalt, MS, CCC-SLP

16:00:00 PDT
Communication Access & Regulation In the Classroom: Tips for Parents & Educators

with Debbie Spengler, MS, LMFT

April 12

10:00:00 PDT
B12, Folate, Leucovorin and Speech

with Richard Frye, MD, PhD

12:00:00 PDT
Spelling to Communicate: Rethinking Nonspeaking Autism

with Elizabeth Vossler, MA

April 13

10:00:00 PDT
Speech and Communication Take Action Session

with Lanier Rossignol, BSN, MSN, FNP-C & Darlene Hanson, MA- SLP

April 14

16:00:00 PDT
Speech and Communication Parent Panel


APRIL 15-21

Behavioral issues are complex, with many underlying causes and strategies for improvement. Live TACA support and presentations about anxiety, sensory issues, and PANDAS/PANS are included in this week's TACA Education Series. Furthermore, we will explore strategies for therapeutically supporting your child.  

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April 17

10:00:00 PDT
Coping with Anxiety in the Autistic Child

with Julie Logan, DC

12:00:00 PDT
Targeting The Gut to Treat Challenging Behaviors in Autism

with Gabriel Belfort, Ph.D.

16:00:00 PDT
The Overlap Between PANS/PANDAS and Autism

with Gabriella True

April 18

10:00:00 PDT
Virtual Support Rooms

12:00:00 PDT
Why is My Child SCREAMING? Managing Behaviors without Medications

with Jared Skowron, ND

April 19

10:00:00 PDT
The Sensory System's Impact on Behaviors

with Patti Andrich, MA, OTR/L

12:00:00 PDT
Toilet Training Children & Adolescents Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Parents & Practitioners

with Brittany Rader, MEd, BCBA, LBA

16:00:00 PDT
ABA Tips and Tricks for a Happy Home

with Mari Aceves, EdD, DSW, BCBA & Krista Gibert, BCBA

April 20

10:00:00 PDT
Challenging Behaviors Take Action Session

with Gabriella True & Jared Skowron, ND

April 21

16:00:00 PDT
Challenging Behaviors Parent Panel


APRIL 22-28

The process of navigating school, legal issues, and government services can be confusing and overwhelming for caregivers. Take advantage of TACA's knowledge-based Education Series to learn more about advocating for your loved one from childhood into adulthood.

April 24

10:00:00 PDT
Legal Steps To Protect Your Child: Estate Planning & Guardianship

with DJ Jeyaram, Esq

12:00:00 PDT
Bullying and School Safety

Damian R. Fragoso, Esq

16:00:00 PDT
IEP Walk Through

with Debbie Dobb, MS

April 25

10:00:00 PDT
Virtual Support Rooms

12:00:00 PDT
Homeschooling Your Child with Autism

with Rochelle Matthews-Somerville, PhD

16:00:00 PDT
Special Education Law: Working with your School Successfully and How to Navigate Due Process

with Keith Howard, Esq

April 26

10:00:00 PDT
A Holistic Approach to Experiential Education

Erin Schirm

16:00:00 PDT
Special Education and Advocacy Basics

with Matthew Storey, Esq

April 27

10:00:00 PDT
Education Take Action Session

with Catherine Whitcher, MEd

12:00:00 PDT
Legal Take Action Session

with Damian R. Fragoso, Esq

April 28

16:00:00 PDT
Education and Legal Parent Panel

17:00:00 PDT
Conference Wrap Up

with Lisa Ackerman

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