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APRIL 1-28, 2023

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There is a high prevalence of co-occurring medical conditions among individuals with autism. Numerous health issues are related to GI disorders, immune dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more. Combining therapeutic interventions with medical treatment can improve health, behavior, and communication. Embark on a journey of discovery with TACA as we explore co-occurring medical issues and how to address them with a medical provider  

April 8-14
April 15-21
April 22-28

TACA's Take Action Conference Series is an entirely new offering for TACA families. This virtual month-long opportunity will include live lectures from experts, take-action workshops, parent and professional panels, virtual support hours, and sponsor spotlights. On the TACA Connect app, families can access resources, download lecture slides, and interact with other families going through the autism journey. Walk away with bite-sized action steps, a plan for your children, and the empowerment to act confidently. 

february 3rd

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Price will increase to $35 on February 4th

Over 25 Lectures

Virtual Support Hours


Take Action Sessions

Extended Access

And More!


over 25 presentations

Watch informative lectures from our incredible line-up of experts. Topics will cover all stages and aspects of the autism journey, including IEPs, therapies, common co-occurring medical issues, communication, behavioral issues, and more!

virtual support hour

Live Support is offered every week!  TACA Mentors will help families create a plan to connect with resources and TACA programs to create better outcomes in their autism journey.  



Parents will have the chance to submit questions to our panels of autism experts and veteran parents in order to get practical tips and ideas on improving their child's health and wellbeing.    

take action sessions

TACA's support team and autism professionals will help you put the information you learned into action during these interactive sessions. TACA wants you to walk away equipped with knowledge and empowerment 


extended access

The weekly presentation recordings will be available each Saturday. All lectures are available until May 31st so you can watch them on your time.  

You’ll come away from TACA's Take Action Educational Series with new information, strategies, and resources to help maximize your child’s potential and improve their quality of life.

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