Food As Medicine: Using Your Child’s Diet to Heal Them

with Julie Logan , DC

Should your mealtimes more aptly be called Food Wars? Do your children have food pickiness bordering on the insane? Would they really starve themselves if Goldfish Crackers ceased to be sold? Can they really survive on French fries and chicken nuggets alone? Does hopping on the next space flight to the moon seem more feasible than eliminating gluten and dairy from your family’s diet?

If you have wondered any of these things, then this Intro to Diet lecture is for you! Learn WHY our kids are so picky, and some strategies for moving them past this. We will talk not only about what foods you SHOULD be giving your child to help them heal, but also stealthy methods for introducing new and healthy nutrients to your picky child. We will also discuss ways of getting away from the worst food offenders for you and your whole family. The food war is a battle that all of us know well. Come and get equipped to face it and win!

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