Celebrating Every Milestone: Advocacy and Presuming Competence in Autism

with Leigh Wilson

This inspiring presentation is designed to empower caregivers in their child’s journey with autism, focusing on the importance of celebrating every achievement and adopting a mindset of presuming competence. We will delve into the significance of understanding and recognizing each success, no matter how small, highlighting the transformative power of positivity in the lives of individuals with autism. The session will emphasize the concept of presuming competence, fostering an environment where individuals with autism are encouraged to reach their full potential. Attendees will learn effective advocacy strategies, enabling them to become proactive and confident advocates for their loved ones. Building a supportive community will be a key focus, recognizing the strength that comes from shared experiences and collective wisdom. Lastly, we will address the crucial aspects of mental health and emotional well-being for both individuals with autism and their caregivers. This presentation aims to inspire a holistic approach to autism, celebrating each milestone and advocating for a life full of possibility and achievement.

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