Kat Smith, MSCMH, NCC

Kat Smith is a National Certified Counselor and a practicing therapist in LPC Candidacy, holding a Master’s Degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. With a profound dedication to healing, she specializes in treating complex PTSD with co-occurring chronic illness, delving into the intricate relationship between trauma, the immune system, and the nervous system. 

Her advanced trainings extend to various therapeutic modalities, including EMDR and Internal Family Systems, all underpinned by a central focus on nervous system regulation. Kat prides herself on her ability to guide her clients on their journey to emotional well-being, offering a unique blend of evidence-based practices and compassionate care. 

Beyond her clinical work, Kat also works as a Hope & Help Group Coordinator for TACA, demonstrating her commitment to advocating for individuals with special needs and their families. She resides in Oklahoma, sharing her life with her retired Air Force husband and an inspiring 8-year-old son who faces the challenges of Autism and PANS with unwavering resilience. 

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