Kirstie Gillespie, MS, BCBA

Kirstie Gillespie is a Senior Clinical Supervisor at Creative Solutions for Hope. She started working at Creative Solutions for Hope in 2016 and is responsible for the oversight and training of clinical supervisors and case managers. She completes and provides oversight for completion of Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), progress reports, behavior intervention plans, and service titration planning. Kirstie holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences with a specialization in childhood obesity, a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis (ABA), and is currently completing a doctorate program in psychology, specializing in the treatment of co-occurring behavior disorders with presence of aggression, property destruction, and/or self-injurious behaviors. She has been a practicing board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) since 2018. Prior to working at CSH, Kirstie worked in an integrated healthcare system, working with patients suffering from Stroke and other neurological disorders, then later working in the Hospital’s Strategic Operations Center (SOC). Kirstie utilizes her education and experience in neuroscience and background in lean, supportive management systems as a staple in every team she is part of. In her free time, Kirstie enjoys snowboarding, playing with her dog, and drinking coffee. 


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