Monthly Learning Series

Discover TACA Through Each Month's Focus

At TACA, we believe in providing comprehensive support and education to families touched by autism. Our Monthly Learning Series (MLS) not only brings you closer to the experts, resources, and community necessary to manage the complexities of autism with confidence but also offers a wealth of accessible content to enhance your learning experience. 


Participants can delve into a rich library of recorded education, including previously recorded TACA conference presentations, to deepen their understanding at their own pace. Additionally, our resource website is filled with informative articles, helpful checklists, and valuable downloads tailored to each month's topic. To further enrich your journey, we host a topic-specific Family Panel every month, offering insights, experiences, and advice from families who navigate similar paths. Join us to empower your journey with knowledge, support, and connection. 

Explore our year-round topics:

Addressing the medical co-morbidities of autism.

Treatment of GI issues prevalent in autism.

Navigating the educational needs of students with autism. 

A month dedicated to awareness, advocacy, and ACTION for autism!

Delving into speech and communication with insights from both medical and therapeutic viewpoints.

Approaches to treating and managing challenging behaviors.

Exploring the impact of PANS/PANDAS including diagnosis, treatment, and behavioral considerations.

Focusing on a healthy diet and nutritional planning for autism care.

Preparing for the transition into adulthood.

Join us every October for the TACA National Conference in California

An overview of therapeutic interventions tailored to autism.

Emphasizing the importance of self-care for caregivers.


why monthly learning series?

  • Expert-Led Education: Each presentation and article is crafted by professionals and experts in the field of autism, ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date information. 
  • Community Support: Connect with a community of parents, caregivers, and professionals who understand your challenges and can offer support and guidance. 
  • Comprehensive Resources: From recorded presentations to resource articles to actionable checklists, access a wealth of resources that address all aspects of autism care and management. 
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