Barbara Cornish

As a mother of 2 diagnosed with autism, Barbara is passionate about finding the deeper cause of autism and understanding how to help her kids and all families impacted by Autism. Barbara was lucky enough to connect with TACA early on in her kids diagnosis and TACA has greatly changed the course of their lives. TACA showed me the true meaning of “challenging the status quo”, “never say never” and how to be the best advocate for my family. Barbara brings 25+ years of work experience in tech and eCommerce working at Intel and ebay in various Sales and Marketing positions. Barbara’s mission is to bring awareness and support to autism and to put autism in the forefront of our leaders and government. Barbara’s hope is for every person on the Autism Spectrum to “Thrive” not just “Survive” and for each of them to have a quality life and be the very best they can be.

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