Mark Ontiveros

Mark Ontiveros is a community leader who is passionate, first and foremost, about relationships.

From just a passion for audio, Mark founded his company in 1993, and has since grown it into today’s 45 person team. And although they design, engineer, and integrate audio/visual technology … it’s still about people. It’s Mark’s love of creating experiences and inspiring memories that have skyrocketed Audio Images to the pinnacles of the A/V industry.

Mark has designed and installed moving technologies around the planet: from top-secret projects with a royal client, to managing the complex logistics behind Dolby’s 5,300 acoustical treatments in their world headquarters; to an incredible theater and automation setup in one of Orange County’s most exclusive homes. His company has earned more industry awards honoring innovation, creativity, and technical skill than any company in CEDIA’s history, including 4 awards for the best Home Cinema or Media Room on the globe, and more than 30 awards overall.

Mark founded Feed the Streets, supporting the homeless community of Orange County, California. He spent many years working closely to support JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), honoring the memory of his father. And he is humbled and excited to support TACA (The Autism Community in Action).

Mark is most thankful for his faith, his amazing wife Cynda, and his two young children.


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