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March 20, 2011


Initial Mentor Qualifications

Mentors need to be parents of a child diagnosed with ASD who is living with them or of whom they have conservatorship. Mentors need to have two or more years of experience with biomedical treatments.

Parent mentors have one main thing in common: they want to help families, like their own, who are living with autism.

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  • Submit your application below.
  • Once your application is received and approved, the mentor coordinator will contact you with the training webinar and next steps for becoming a mentor.
  • An initial training is provided via webinar. Informational presentations are available as a part of your ongoing training to keep you informed about the latest information about treatments for autism and related issues. This training (free to mentors) benefits your own family as well as the families you'll be supporting.
  • When your application is approved and your initial training is complete, you will be connected to parents in need of support via email.

More details will be provided in the training webinar after your application is received and approved.

Thanks for your generous offer to help.

Contact the TACA Parent Mentor Program Coordinator.



Online Application to Become a TACA Parent Mentor

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