USAAA 2007 International Conference

July 20, 2010


TACA Mentoring Moms Support USAAA Conference

From the USAAA Newsletter:

TACA mentor moms
TACA mentoring moms Carline Banks (l) and Julia Berle (r) take time out from their busy schedule in helping parents to pose with Shannon Kenitz, Executive Director, International Hyperbarics Association.

TACA mentoring moms Carline Banks and Julia Berle were available to parents during the conference to help ease the frustration, navigate the confusing "system" and help jump start the family with action for their child affected by autism. Mentors are fellow, volunteer parents with a wealth of knowledge, many with a recovered child or with a child well on the road to recovery. The mentors guided hundreds of families during the conference.

Carline Banks and her husband, Steve, have three boys, one of whom has autism. They have been treating their son's autism biomedically for over four years. After observing how biomedical treatment benefited their son, Carline felt compelled to help other families facing similar challenges. She became a volunteer with Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), in which she serves as a parent mentor and co-coordinator of its San Diego chapter. Carline has presented, "A Parent's Perspective on the Holistic Approach to Treating Autism," and she has also done presentations on the low-oxalate diet, a diet that has been very effective for her son.

Julia Berle is mother to three children; Baxter 8, Peter 6 and Eliza 3. Through a variety of interventions Baxter has recovered from his autism diagnosis. She and Baxter have shared his success story on Good Morning America, Dateline NBC, numerous local California news stations as well as in a variety of printed publications. Supporting parents and caregivers through the journey of autism is of paramount importance to Julia as it can often be an exhaustive and potentially isolating battle with seemingly little hope. Baxter is currently a joyful, social little dude, who attends a typical classroom with no supports or therapy. Julia recently presented at the Autism Today/USAAA Autism Vancouver Biennial Conference last March. Julia's background includes: B.S. SLP / ECE, A.A. Interpreting Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf, Early Intervention Specialist and Special Education Consultant Founding Parent of Generation Rescue and the TACA coordinator in Los Angeles.

Thank you to Carline and Julia for their tremendous help to families attending the conference this year.