Gita Gupta

Gita grew up in India, and came to the US for graduate degrees in Computer Science. She spent over 20 years in Silicon Valley in executive product strategy roles at Fortune 100 companies and seed level startups, in market segments that include analytics, business applications, databases, development tools and social media. After her son was diagnosed with autism, she became passionate about helping families find answers for their children's complex medical needs. She has created a forum focused on evidence-based interventions for these children, with several thousand members in 15 countries. Gita closely follows medical research literature in autism, and works with numerous researchers in the areas of neurology, mitochondrial and metabolic medicine, immunology, microbiome etc. Gita's family foundation identifies research with the potential to significantly improve outcomes for individuals with autism and makes seed level grants to help ideas go from conception to proof of concept. As time allows, she also consults on market strategy with early-stage startups. Gita lives in California with her husband and her 9 year old son.