Aarti Sahgal

Aarti Sahgal is the Founder & CEO of Synergies Work – the largest nonprofit in the U.S. that enables entrepreneurs with disabilities to build sustainable businesses. We do so by providing end to end business solutions and bridging the opportunity gaps between the disability and the business communities.

Synergies Work is a personal mission that stems from life experiences of Aarti Sahgal. As a parent of a young adult with Down syndrome she is constantly challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations that excludes people with disabilities from living their true potential. Aarti, has been working for more than 17 years on building inclusive communities and workforce strategies for individuals with disabilities.

Aarti is the President of GA APSE (Association of People Supporting Employment First) and is on the board of State Rehabilitation Council. She is also on the advisory board of Georgia’s Supported Decision-Making Project, GAO.

In her previous avatar, she worked for 14 years in advertising & marketing. She has a master’s in business management from one of the top management schools in India.

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