Barry Smeltzer, PA-C, MPAS, FAAEM

Barry is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who specializes in Environmental Medicine interventions to assist the body in the healing process. He has dedicated his career to healing children and families after his own son was diagnosed with multiple medical conditions, from which he has significantly improved. 

Barry has a Master’s in Physician Assistant studies from Finch University/Chicago Medical School. He is on the Faculty and Board of Directors of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Barry is also the first Physician Assistant in the country that has earned the designation of Fellow of Environmental Medicine. 

Barry is an internationally recognized speaker that has presented for organizations such as AAEM, Generation Rescue, TACA, Autism One, and NIAS in China. His knowledge in environmental topics includes specializing in Low Dose Allergen (LDA) therapy, Mold and Mycotoxins, chemical sensitivities, and Neuroinflammatory disorders such as PANS/PANDAS. 

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