Debbie Dobbs, MS

Debbie Dobbs, MS is an educational consultant and child advocate.  For more than 10 years, Debbie has owned Debbie Dobbs Advocacy, LLC, and has served families as strong advocates for children with all types of disabilities. Debbie guides families to educational and financial resources answer parents’ special education questions and attend school meetings to create appropriate IEPs and 504 plans.  She partners with families empowering them to help get the best outcomes for their children. Families also gain Debbie’s assistance in applying for the Katie Beckett Medicaid waiver and other funding programs. Originally trained by the Georgia Advocacy Office, she has continued to vigorously pursue additional training with the William and Mary Law School, Wrightslaw, COPAA, and NSEAI to better serve her clients. For additional information visit www.debbiedobbs.com.

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