Eugenia Steingold, PhD

Dr. Eugenia Steingold has over 20 years of experience working with autistic children including diagnosis, treatment, and research. Dr Steingold is a NYS licensed psychologist with extensive experience in experimental research. She earned her PhD from Princeton University, specializing in psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology and she was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, specializing in cognitive and linguistic development. She treats patients for mental health problems, panic attacks, stress management, and depression. She also provides various therapy and counseling sessions.

In addition to treating children in her private practice, Dr. Steingold works with the NYC Early Intervention, diagnosing and helping children with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Asperger’s, Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as various social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems. She conducts neuropsychological testing and provides parental training.

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