Gail Ludwig, MA

Gail Ludwig, MA, is an RDI® program certified consultant and a licensed speech/language pathologist. Graduating with a Master’s in Speech Pathology in 1982, she has been a practicing speech/language pathologist for over 30 years. She received her RDI® certification in 2008. Presently, she primarily works as an RDI® consultant for TAG, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Because of her extensive experience and trainings, she is able to look at clients in a comprehensive way which considers their communication strengths and challenges, relationship obstacles and sensory motor functioning. Lastly, she has several years of experience supporting students in their school setting, acting as a consultant to school staff and supervising school shadows using an RDI® approach. 

Gail is very passionate about her work and has experience with clients of all ages. Her philosophy is based on establishing a trusting relationships with her families and supporting them in a way that considers their unique. She is a very caring person and works hard at supporting her clients to achieve their maximum potential. 

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