Kenneth Bock, MD

As a leader in integrative medicine, Dr. Kenneth Bock has accumulated over 35 years of experience diagnosing the root cause of chronic illnesses and restoring balance to his patients’ immune systems. He founded Bock Integrative Medicine in response to the increasing need for board-certified medical providers who take a unique “whole body” approach to diagnose and treat chronic illness. Dr. Bock is a well-respected integrative medicine doctor and autism expert who focuses on the treatment of autism and co-occurring conditions, PANS/PANDAS,ITABI, tick-borne illnesses, and adult conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and heart disease. He integrates alternative modalities with conventional medicine into a comprehensive integrative medicine practice. His natural curiosity and expertise at tackling medical problems that have been difficult to diagnose and treat make him sought after by patients throughout the world as an expert at tackling complex medical problems.

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