Sherry Yafai, MD

Sherry Yafai, MD is a Cannabis specialist and Board-Certified Emergency Medicine specialist since 2009. She started her medical career at UCSD Medical School and completed her training at UCSD Emergency Medicine Residency in 2009. After recreational marijuana laws had passed in California in 2017, Dr. Yafai felt compelled to open a private Cannabis Clinic, the ReLeaf Institute, to counsel patients interested in cannabis for disease related treatment and wellness. She is the current Secretary of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC, a nonprofit medical education organization), a distinguished speaker for UCSD Center for Medical Cannabis Research, and an adjunct assistant professor at Pacific Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Yafai writes a column for Emergency Medicine News, “The Case for Cannabis” and encourages discussions on the pros and cons of cannabis in the field of medicine. In September of 2023, Dr. Yafai co-hosted and lectured at the Medical Cannabis Conference that was focused on providing education to physicians (6.75 CME credits) and expanding communications between physicians and policy makers in California. Lastly, Dr. Yafai is a DCC grant recipient for a study in and documentation of current Medical Cannabis Patients.

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