Sonia McGowin, DC

The focus of Dr. Sonia’s practice is children with complex needs. She specializes in autism, PANDAS, ADD/HD, oral restrictions, and learning disabilities with a brain-based and biomedical approach to addressing their specific issues.

Dr. Sonia McGowin, DC, owner of Covenant Pediatric Wellness Center, is a Chiropractor, a FOCUS certified doctor, MAPS-trained, and Webster certified. She is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, with her husband, Shannon, in their newly empty nest. For 14 years, she was the Deputy Director of Outreach Services for the Judevine Center for Autism, working
with families with autism across 92 counties of Missouri.

Dr. McGowin is also a parent of a child who had unique needs. Her son displayed many troubling issues as a toddler, such as severe speech delay, self-injury, and aggressive behaviors. Traditional medicine offered no hope or help for her family. After undertaking biomedical intervention, he entered kindergarten indistinguishable from his peers and is now a theater major in college. She considers him her first recovery story!

Dr. Sonia isn’t your ordinary chiropractor! She prides herself on being ‘Brain, not pain.’
She works to find and address the neurology responsible for pediatric challenges. She
knows that autism is medical and treatable and believes that recovery is possible for all
complex kids!

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