William Del Rosario

William is a 22-year-old native of Orange County, California where he lives with his family. He has autism, is non-speaking and is a multi-modal communicator who primarily types to communicate. Presently he is a student in transition and is working towards his goal of attending college to pursue writing.

William is a fierce advocate and encourages the community to work towards ensuring communication access for all.  He has had the good fortune to be given the opportunity to share his message across various platforms. William has been a guest lecturer to students of speech and language pathology at Cal State Fullerton. He’s also presented at various conferences and webinars including TACA, Wellspring, Summer Learning Institute (SLI), TASH, CAMA, and Disability Voices United. He is currently serving as an intern with Communication Disabilities Access Network (CDAN) in partnership with Disability Voices United. Together they are growing a community and Communication Connect Interchange with monthly webinars to promote and teach advocacy among other non-speakers. In 2022 William was recognized by the California Speech and Hearing Association (CSHA) as an Adult Consumer of the Year for his multi-modal communication.

William enjoys spending his free time exploring his hobbies. Some of his interests include acting, yoga, writing poetry, swimming, traveling and spending time with friends.

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