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Do Parents Need Therapy Too?

As parents, we tend to neglect ourselves when raising our children.  Healing ourselves, however, is one of the most important pieces…

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Common Acronyms Used in Autism

Navigating autism can be filled with unknown acronyms. The following is a collection of some common acronyms and abbreviations used…

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Healthy Eating Tips for Teens and Adults with Autism

Everyone knows that a nutritious diet is key to being healthy. But how do we get our teens and adults…

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Strategies for a Calmer Home

There are numerous strategies that autism parents can incorporate into their home life that will make life easier and calmer….

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State Identification and Real ID

When a person turns 18, they need to obtain a state identification card. Typically, a person’s driver’s license serves as…

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Hope and Autism Parenting

As families coping with an autism diagnosis, our journey is fueled by education, support, and hope. Often as parents, we…

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Inclusive Practices for Employers

Inclusive Practices for Employers Create employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum with the goal of developing their confidence,…

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Detoxification and Autism

At first glance, many would think that autism and detoxication have nothing to do with one another. However, it has…

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Early Childhood Intervention and Individualized Family Service Plans

While the average age a child is diagnosed with autism is four years old, most children show developmental warning signs…

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Maximizing Time With Your Child's Doctor

Maximizing Time With Your Child’s Doctor

After you’ve carefully chosen a doctor and made an appointment, you may be wondering how to maximizing time with your child’s doctor….

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