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Life Skills

Functional life skills are the everyday tasks we all need to lead independent lives. Mastering these skills builds self-esteem and…

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Job Skills

Working gives people the opportunity to show their abilities, take pride in their accomplishments, and contribute to the community. While…

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Executive Functioning Skills

Executive function is an umbrella term used to describe a set of cognitive skills we use to successfully navigate everyday…

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Social Skills

Social skills are a person’s ability to effectively interact and communicate with others through our words, actions, and body language….

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Facilitating Friendships

Friendship is an important part of life. A good friend can provide a feeling of connection, happiness, and self-worth. However,…

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When it comes to navigating the world, the importance of self-advocacy cannot be overstated. This crucial ability can be the…

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Crushes, Dating, and Romantic Relationships

Many people on the autism spectrum desire love and companionship like anyone else. But navigating the complexities of dating and…

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