For Volunteers Only


Welcome New TACA Mentors

New Mentors! While you continue to onboard to TACA’s Volunteer program, please take the steps listed here to get ready for mentoring!
  1. Review the Conflict of Interest training and quiz then Sign Volunteer Agreement, COI, and Confidentiality Forms: We will send you the necessary documents to sign via DocuSign. This includes the Volunteer Agreement, Conflict of Interest (COI), and Confidentiality forms.
  2. Access Volunteer Corner in Connect: You will have access to the Volunteer Corner of TACA Connect. Explore the new Volunteer Corner feature in Connect, which provides comprehensive training steps and resources tailored for volunteers like yourself. The NEW TACA MENTOR feature can help you stay organized in your next steps.
  3. Complete the Mentor Training and Quiz: You will find the Mentor training in the Volunteer Corner of TACA Connect. This is vital to supporting you as a TACA Mentor and giving you the tools to succeed.
  4. Monthly Mentor Hangouts: Join us for our Monthly Mentor Hangouts, where we will provide TACA updates, training pieces, and opportunities for peer support and networking.
  5. Private Mentor Facebook Page: Join our private mentor Facebook page for additional support and connection with fellow mentors here – Don’t forget to answer the 3 questions.
We are excited to have you join our Mentor team and look forward to supporting you in your role. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
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