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Symptoms Known as Autism

by a TACA Mom


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Our son, Hagen, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, though he started showing early signs at 2. In January, he is turning 5. It has been an interesting couple of years!

The worst issues he had included being aggressive towards others, diarrhea, repeated ear infections, echolalia, and overall communication problems (he didn’t understand how to ask or answer a question, and there was no give or take in conversation).

The first year, we saw a lot of progress, however this second year of treatment has been insanely wonderful. The fog has lifted and Hagen is part of the family. He communicates very well now. He loves reading and asking questions about the book. He is a one hundred percent different child than he was when we started his recovery program.

Before starting this program, everything Hagen said were the things he was ‘programmed’ to say during speech therapy. I felt like he was a computer because we were just programming him to give responses to the questions we asked. Now, very little ‘programming’ is needed. He will answer questions and ask them, as well as ask for things he wants and tell you about his day.

Previously, I was never able to leave Hagen alone in the same room with his little brother because he would try to strangle or choke him. Now, they play very well together. Well, at least as good as any ‘normal’ brothers do at ages 3 and 5.

On top of the diarrhea issues Hagen had from ages 1-2, he also would throw up all the time. I remember thinking that it can’t possibly be normal for a child to be this sick all the time. And it can’t possibly be normal for my son to never have a normal bowel movement. Since we’ve started the GFCF diet, he rarely gets sick. He gets a few colds, but has no gut issues like he used to have. I also give him a probiotic to help with his gut because, for the first two years of his life, he was on an antibiotic every other month for an ear or sinus infection, etc. Lastly, he suffered from eczema most of his life, and since taking him off dairy, he’s healed well without flare-ups. On a very rare occasion, he will get dairy, and I can always tell because he will break out in little bumps on his arms, legs and back side.

Why do I think we’re having success? Well, one of the best treatments was the GFCF diet and removing sugar. Next would be chiropractic visits, which healed his allergies — and about two weeks after his first adjustment, he asked his first question. Last would be the liver and heavy metal detox that we did.

Over the past year, we have been celebrating so many new milestones with Hagen. His language has exploded and he’s full of conversation and his own original thoughts. Also, he’s finally potty-trained! When reading stories, he will now ask and answer questions. He’s also more interested in playing WITH both adults and other children. He started imaginary play this year and includes his little brother in play time. The biggest difference is his overall health. All of his allergies and gut issues are completely gone and he’s so happy all the time!

Thank you so much for reading my son’s story. I hope to inspire and give hope to other parents. There is hope out there in treatments that your doctor may not tell you about or ‘believe’ in. I spoke to my pediatricians about this program, but they brushed it off as ‘hogwash.” I’m SOOO happy I didn’t take their advice, because if I would have, I wouldn’t have my son back. He wouldn’t be a part of our family again. Thank you to TACA for the guidance and help through this journey to help my son recover from the ‘symptoms known as autism.’

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