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TACA Missouri holds Coffee Talks throughout the year. Our Coffee Talks provide settings where families can informally network, share resources and speak with seasoned parents.

Missouri Events

Now thru July 31

Microbiota Transplant Therapy

with James B. Adams, Ph.D.


This presentation will provide an overview of the new treatment, Microbiota Transplant Therapy (MTT). It involves a special antibiotic to eliminate harmful gut bacteria, a bowel cleanse to remove most remaining gut bacteria, and then transplanting purified microbiota from healthy donors (essentially a “super-probiotic”). It was found that the treatment was safe, well-tolerated, and led to major improvements in gastrointestinal symptoms, autism-related symptoms, and microbiota diversity, both initially and two years after treatment stopped. Current research plans will also be discussed.
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Now thru July 31

The Science Behind Sulforaphane

with Brian Cornblatt, Ph.D. and Chris D’Adamo Ph.D.


The use of phytochemicals, such as sulforaphane, whose precursor glucoraphanin is found in crucifers, offer a safe and promising approach to promote overall health and wellness. This presentation will highlight the science behind sulforaphane and the human clinical trials underway using the Avmacol® line of products. These nutraceuticals contain both glucoraphanin and the active myrosinase enzyme needed to support sulforaphane production.
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Sunday, August 15

Free Virtual Seminar for Parents: Child Newly Diagnosed with Autism

3:00 PM CDT

When your child is diagnosed with autism, it can feel overwhelming and confusing. So often, parents receive a diagnosis for their child but are given no information on what to do next.
TACA is here to help. Join us for a FREE Virtual Parent Seminar specially designed to help you navigate the first steps after your child has received an autism diagnosis, including how to:
-Access services and supports that will improve your child's outcome and quality of life.
-Better advocate for your child.
You'll walk away empowered with hope and connected to a positive community of families, just like yours. Additionally, each attendee will receive a free Autism Journey Guide and a free downloadable Newly Diagnosed Checklist.
Registration will close on the evening prior to the event. An email with the log in information will be sent to you the day of the event.

Don't Know Where to Start?

Try our Autism Journey Blueprints!
These were created as a quick introduction reference guide for families on the autism journey.

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