New York Chapter

TACA New York hosts coffee talks, events and meetings throughout the year. All parents, caregivers and professionals are welcome to attend. TACA hosts educational speakers on important topics and allows parents and caregivers to connect with one another to stay informed on the latest information in the autism world.

New York Events

Now thru January 31

Mast Cells, Inflammation and Autism

with Theoharis C. Theoharides, BA, MS, MPhil, PhD, MD, FAAAAI


Dr. Theoharides will present about inflammation occurring in the amygdala that is due to activation of mast cells. This inflammation is often associated with allergic reactions, but also present in the brain where they can be triggered by neuropeptides, stress and toxins leading to activation of microglia.
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Wednesday, February 10

The Autism Community in Action:

Let’s Zoom Parent Meeting

11:00 AM

Let us get together virtually. Join the conversation and meet other autism families to share information, get fresh ideas, support and resources. No autism topic is off limits and discussion is encouraged. Come with your questions and concerns but more importantly, come with your experiences. Sharing your experiences with other families on the autism journey will have us all leaving with a lot of hope. We each can’t know everything, but when we come together great things happen!
Registration will close on the evening prior to the event. An email with the log in information will be sent to you the day of the event.

Don't Know Where to Start?

Try our Autism Journey Blueprints!
These were created as a quick introduction reference guide for families on the autism journey.

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TACA provides education, support and hope to the autism community.