North Carolina Chapter

TACA North Carolina hosts coffee talks, events and meetings throughout the year. All parents, caregivers and professionals are welcome to attend. TACA hosts educational speakers on important topics and allows parents and caregivers to connect with one another to stay informed on the latest information in the autism world.

North Carolina Events

Thursday, February 21

Coffee Talk: Ideas, Information and HOPE (what’s not to love?)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
7021 NC-751
Durham, NC 27707

Better than the biggest Valentine, it’s a TACA table of ideas, info and hope! Join the moderated discussion of the issues that are most concerning to the people around the table. Everyone has a chance to be heard, but most importantly, helped on their search for answers for the people we care about. Whether you are new to the autism journey or have been on the journey for several years, there is a place for you at the TACA table. Look for the friendly faces wearing TACA shirts. Are you a first-time attendee? Look for the TACA shirts and introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting you and will have a Journey Guides available for you.

Don't Know Where to Start?

Try our Autism Journey Blueprints!
These were created as a quick introduction reference guide for families on the autism journey.

Other Ways We Can Help

TACA provides education, support and hope to the autism community.