TACA Meeting Video

January 27, 2011


Ever wondered what goes on at a TACA meeting? Many families don't know what a TACA meeting actually looks like. This video takes you through a TACA meeting.

  • TACA Chapter Meetings are different from anything else out there:
  • We build community by bringing famlies together.
  • Provide information about services, resources, educational opportunities and much more.
  • Hosts expert presenters on autism-related subjects.
  • Parents can sign up to get info about upcoming TACA events.
  • TACA Library: free books, DVDs, CDs, videos and other materials to check out for up to two months. (We accept donations of your books and materials!)
  • Food table: Gluten-free, casein-free fare for parents to sample.
  • TACA Store: Attendees can support TACA by purchasing magnets, jewelry, apparel and other products. (You can buy online too!)
  • First-time parents/caregivers receive a free Autism Journey Guide at their first meeting.
  • Not just for moms! Dads come too!

We hope to see you soon!  Click here to find a TACA Meeting near you.