Newly Diagnosed
Autism Initiative

Newly Diagnosed
Autism Initiative

The starting point for families with newly diagnosed children in preparation for early intervention, treatments and support.


Tyler Larsen, Center for Washington Commanders National Football League Team

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Tyler Larsen’s journey on helping his child with autism

As an infant, Tyler Larsen's son was joyful, smiling, and interactive. But after just eight months, Tyler and his wife realized something was wrong with their child. Tyler's son stopped talking, avoided eye contact, and did not smile. The Larsen family was not prepared to learn that their son has autism. The shocking news can affect even the toughest of individuals.

As the Larsen's began to lose hope and did not know what to do next, TACA stepped in and provided the support to get their son on the right track.

Tyler Larsen and The Autism Community in Action (TACA) have partnered up to positively impact the health, well-being, and quality of life of individuals with autism.

When supported by excellent services and connected to the community, people with autism can live fulfilling, productive lives. Through TACA, families are connected to a community of parents and professionals to find the right care for their children.

Photo - Tyler Family
Photo - Tyler Cleats

My Cause My Cleats

Some of the league's promising stars are raising awareness and funds for their favorite charitable organizations with custom-made cleats and the personal stories behind why they chose the cause closest to them.

Tyler Larsen of the Washington Football Team wishes to bring more awareness to autism and wants others to know that there is hope after diagnosis. He wants to help other families find a way to be active in their child’s autism journey. He will lace up his cleats to spread education, support, and hope with TACA.

Your support will help TACA continue to provide Seminars, Scholarships, Mentorship, Autism Journey Guides, Parent Education and Support, and Resources.

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these programs empower families to take action for their children and never give up

newly diagnosed autism seminar

The TACA Newly Diagnosed Seminar provides a comprehensive overview of all things on the autism journey.


TACA provides national or regional scholarships as funding is available to assist in financing functional medicine doctors, providing supplements, or covering the cost of a conference.

mentor program

For more individualized support, parents can be matched with an experienced and supported TACA Parent Mentor to help guide them on the autism journey. TACA Parent Mentors are seasoned autism parents who offer one-on-one support and information about autism-related topics, including; medical treatments, dietary intervention, insurance, IEP, therapies, and more.


TACA provides in-depth, comprehensive information and resources to help parents navigate all aspects of the autism journey, including obtaining a diagnosis, developing skills, medical issues, special education/IEPs, diet, preparing for adulthood, and more.

virtual support hours

TACA will help families create a plan to connect with resources and TACA programs to create better outcomes in their autism journey.

taca autism workbook

The TACA Autism Workbook is an indispensable resource tailored for parents and caregivers of children with autism. Expertly crafted to assist you through the journey of autism care, this workbook is more than just a guide—it's a partner in navigating the intricacies and challenges unique to autism.


make a lasting, meaningful impact
for the 1 in 36 children diagnosed with autism


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