August 16, 2010 

JACK FM & TACA Thank You for JACK’s Fifth Show


Jack did it again! The amazing band line up includes: The Steve Miller Band, The Cult, The Fixx, Night Ranger, Skid Row, Modern English & Sweet.

Like Jack’s First, Second, Third, and Fourth Shows, this Fifth Show will also benefit Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) which is families helping families with autism. TACA currently serves over 18,500 families affected by autism at no cost to families.

For this concert announcement – The JACK Team got creative and spawned several ways for raising funds and awareness for TACA Families! Efforts include:

  • $1 from each ticket sold goes to TACA
  • Autism awareness mixed in with concert announcement spots
  • A great show for over 16,000 music enthusiasts!

Read winning essays from past years about ” How Has TACA Helped Your Family?”.

What has JACK FM & TACA accomplished together?

Since 2006, Jack FM & TACA have partnered in five separate events including:  Jack’s First Show, Jack’s Second Show, Jack’s Third Show, Jack’s Fourth Show and the Jack Open Golf Tournament.  TACA has benefitted greatly by being included in these Jack FM activities.

Together, we have touched over 48,000 people at these events with announcements about the TACA message and autism awareness.  Countless others have heard the radio spots on Jack FM.

Each of these events has had the Jack FM signature of fun, while at the same time educating a large audience and helping to raise the necessary funds for TACA to continue to provide programs for families affected by autism at no cost to families.

This partnership has been incredibly successful for TACA and we are so grateful for the support!

Special Thanks to JACK FM for SUPPORTING TACA FAMILIES for FIVE YEARS! The support for families affected by autism is needed and greatly appreciated!

TACA Contact Information

Mailing Address: 2222 Martin St. Suite 140, Irvine, CA 92612
TACA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. EIN# 27-0048002
Web: tacanow.org
Phone: (949) 640-4401
Fax: (949) 640-4424


TACA Member Essay Contest: How Has TACA Helped My Family?


How hasn’t TACA helped our family? TACA is an integral part of our Autism Team. TACA has provided us with knowledge and friendship that has gotten us through some of our hardest times since our son’s Autism diagnosis. Before we joined TACA we knew nothing about autism or how to help him or us. TACA’s programs, including REAL Help Now conference, Law Day conference, local chapter meetings, the message board and the mentor program have imparted us with essential avenues of support. When you get the diagnosis you may know someone with autism or heard about it on the news but you don’t know how it is going to affect your family’s entire life. Generally your first reaction is complete dread and then you are totally overwhelmed because you have no idea what your next step should be so either you do nothing or you find yourself under an avalanche of too many projects. TACA alleviated the stress and steered us through those early hurdles and has continued to helps us since then. Now, thanks to Law Day, the mentor program, and local chapter meetings we are working on getting proper school support which we would not have known how to go about doing or what our son was legally entitled to. Thanks to the TACA message board, mentor program, website, and REAL Help Now, he is healthier because of biomedical treatments and making slow but steady progress that affect all avenues of his life. We rely on the TACA community for invaluable treatment information as much as we rely on our doctors and therapists. The message board is invaluable as it creates a wide network of parents who live in the Autism trenches day in and day out. There is only so much time available during a doctor appointment to try and cover all the bases. So TACA helps hone in on key problems and solutions that we can discuss with the doctor to make an effective treatment plan. Our family has made life long friends who are in the same boat so we no longer live isolated in a cave of despair. We literally had no sense of community before TACA but now we have a family of friends that supports us and we support them. TACA has helped to keep our family together because we have a better understanding of what is realistic for our son and for our family, what our future looks like, and that our bad days don’t have to mean we have to have a bad month. We turn to TACA first whenever a new question or situation arises and we are always received with open arms; no one has ever turned us away or made us feel small or discouraged. TACA gives us the tools to move forward. Autism is still hard but we are never going to be alone again. We are proud and thankful members of the TACA family.

Thank you TACA,

Mom to Timmy


July 25, 2003. Kaiser Permanente. Yellow folder on the table.

Autism. Long, hard road. Institution.

These are the few words that I remember from the day our beautiful boy was diagnosed with autism. These words changed our lives. These words caused such intense pain.

Thank God, one doctor at that table mentioned some words that also changed our lives. Yet, instead of heartbreak, these words brought about hope and healing.

Go find Lisa Ackerman and TACA.

And that’s exactly what we did! After a month of crying and self-pitying, we found our way to an Inland Empire TACA meeting held at the Corona Library. We sat down right in the front row and spent the next two hours listening to Lisa speak. It was amazing! Finally, it was as if someone understood us! Someone had practical solutions! Someone gave us hope!

I remember sitting there, laughing as we listened to Lisa speak on biomedical interventions. Peppering everything she said with a touch of humor and irreverence, Lisa taught us so much in that short time. We has started the diet a few weeks before, and we now felt empowered to do even more to help our boy get better!

That day started our love affair with TACA. We’ve been coming to TACA meetings almost every month since that day! We have learned an incredible amount, our boy has improved an incredible amount, and we continue to be incredibly thankful to Lisa and TACA for giving us hope and a future!

Mom to Joey

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