EEG To Go is owned and operated by Brad Levy, a pioneer in the utilization of In-Home, real time VIDEO EEG monitoring for pediatric patients with aversion to hospitals. Overnight monitoring can run from 24-72 hours. He travels the country to hook up (always with a licensed technician) wireless Video Monitoring EEGs on special needs children, safely and with compassion. His portable high quality EEGs easily stay with the child in the comfort of their own home. When done, the parent simply removes the electrodes and sends back the recording device to BST/EEG To Go. There is no expensive, uncomfortable overnight hospital stay. Brad develops warm relationships with his patients that allows for professional and easy testing. He collaborates with world class epileptologists, neurologists and hospitals, as well as most insurance companies. To schedule your child’s EEG, please contact Brad@eegtogo.com or 949-333-1682.

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