NeuroNeeds is committed to improving the lives of children and adults who are coping with the effects of neurologic disorders, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders (e.g. Autism, Asperger syndrome), ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Migraine and Chronic Pain. Many expert physicians recognize a metabolic and mitochondrial component to disease in their patients with these conditions, and that targeted nutritional supplementation can offer substantial therapeutic assistance as a primary component of a science-based holistic approach.

Our team, which includes expert physicians, have formulated nutritional products that seek to improve lives. These products target deep by providing very high doses of specific vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, and other natural compounds in order to move specific targeted metabolic pathways in the direction of healing. In addition, these products target wide by providing a solid basis of micro-nutritional needs regardless of what diet the individual may be taking.

The goal of our company is to enhance and optimize the physical and mental abilities for every patient, while limiting harmful effects of a more-traditional pharmaceutical-only approach to care.

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