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Webinars and Family Panels

We will stream educational content through the TACA Connect Platform—here you have the option to download session slides and resources, engage with presenters and panelists to get your questions answered, and get the information you need to help your children and families. Each month has new content, a focus on a specific topic, and tons of resources including articles and downloadable tip sheets.

On-Demand Presentations

We’ve assembled some of our most important presentations for you to watch on demand at any time! Topics here include all the ones we know families request—help on IEPs, root causes of challenging behavior, sleep, and new research with analysis on what that means for you and your families. Best of all, we will rotate content in periodically to keep things fresh and give you a reason to check it out!


Live Mentor Support

Sometimes the best way to learn is from someone who has experience with our challenges. Mentor Office Hours exist to provide personal support to families who have requested a mentor and are waiting to be matched, OR for families who want to know more about TACA’s mentor program and whether it would be right for them. Mentor office hours leverage video chat rooms—it may not be the same as having a talk in person, but it is as close as we can get, and bring support to you wherever you are!

Live virtual meetings

TACA Connect is a perfect forum for family meetings—and we have multiple family meetings offered each month. Our virtual family meetings provide a community of support, wherever you may be.


Newly diagnosed resources

TACA Connect Includes a Newly Diagnosed Hub complete with a recorded Newly Diagnosed Seminar, a Newly Diagnosed Checklists, links to our Newly Diagnosed Knowledge Base, and more. We also have monthly Newly Diagnosed Family meetings—all in TACA Connect.

Teens and Adult Resources

For resources for teens and adults, TACA Connect provides a feature that will connect families with resources, including articles, links to help you onboard services and access supports for adults. We also feature regular adult education meetings to help families of teens and adults support their children as they transition to adulthood.


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