Grandparents Must Be Part of the Journey

Author: Chuck Kern, TACA Grandfather When my son announced that he was naming his second son, Charlie, after me, I was very humbled and overwhelmed with pride. “Charles” has been an important name in our family tree. But many months later, my emotions turned to deep anxiety and fear when I realized that Charlie did […]

A – Z: Autism Journey Blueprints

The Autism Journey Blueprints were created as a quick introduction reference guide for families on the autism journey. Complete Autism Journey Blueprints: click here to download the PDF. AJ Blueprints – Years 1-3: click here to download the PDF. AJ Blueprints – Medical Intervention: click here to download the PDF. AJ Blueprints – Dietary Intervention: click here to download […]

A – Z: TACA Facts – a video series answering the most common questions

We are very excited about a new video series in collaboration with our friends at Autism Live. Introducing: TACA Facts This is an introduction to our new series “TACA Facts” sponsored by Autism Live. We’ll answer the most common questions for families living with autism in 2-3 minute segments. TACA Fact: Can children with autism […]

Surviving the Winter Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful for everyone, BUT throw in autism and it can be over the top stressful!  Here are tips, ideas and strategies for making this season a little more joyful! Included below are submissions from parents like you who have been there/done that and want to share their advice on surviving […]

Apply to Become a TACA Parent Mentor

Initial Mentor Qualifications Mentors need to be parents of a child diagnosed with ASD who is living with them or of whom they have conservatorship. Mentors need to have two or more years of experience with biomedical treatments. Parent mentors have one main thing in common: they want to help families, like their own, who […]

Videos of Hope

Charlie First Giving Calvin’s Story Alec’s Journey This is Autism Mom Jacey Capurso’s Video Response to the Chicago Tribune Story: “This Too Shall Pass…..” Read her article in the Age of Autism. By Quinn Has Autism  Watch this two-minute video that shows the remarkable progress of Quinn. When he was diagnosed with autism at age […]

Refrigerator Mothers

It is America of the 1950s and 1960s, when a woman’s most important contribution to society is generally considered to be her ability to raise happy, well-adjusted children. But for the mother whose child is diagnosed with autism, her life’s purpose will soon become a twisted nightmare. Looking for help and support, she encounters instead […]

Autism Recovery Videos

Produced by Stan Kurtz and filmed at Jim Adam’s conference in Anahiem, these detailed stories of recovery are from TACA. Visit   Recovered Family: The Ward Family 30 mins Sharon Swafford (grandmother) and Julie Ward (mother) share their story of recovery for two of their children originally diagnosed with autism.   Recovered Family: The […]

Family Scholarship Program: Notes from Families Who Have Received Scholarships

Wonderful notes from families who received scholarships from TACA   Thank you so much for all your help!  The scholarship was so helpful in moving my son forward on his autism treatment plan. We identified areas that needed additional work and have laid out a plan of action to correct these. For example his labs […]

G’s Story: It’s All in the Eyes

We didn’t expect our pediatrician to tell us she thought our infant son’s problems were signs of autism. But we are glad she did: in that moment she added precious months – maybe years – to his intervention. Determined to change the course of this disease, we learned that appropriate medical treatments, combined with highly […]

Adam’s Story

<  Back to more Family Stories of Hope & Recovery When he was 2 years old, Adam had no language, no eye contact and was seemingly unable to follow the simplest of commands, like “come here.”  Although our now 8-year-old son is not recovered (yet), he attends a regular education elementary school, gets straight As, adores […]

Coffee Talks

Coffee Talk for Parents Charla con Café en Español Corporate Coffee Talk Coffee Talk for Parents Come and receive some extra support or to chat all topics related to autism and meet other TACA families at these informal, monthly get-togethers. Alabama California – Inland Empire California – Long Beach California – Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley California […]

TACA Meeting Video

Ever wondered what goes on at a TACA meeting? Many families don’t know what a TACA meeting actually looks like. This video takes you through a TACA meeting. TACA Chapter Meetings are different from anything else out there: We build community by bringing famlies together. Provide information about services, resources, educational opportunities and much more. […]