TACA provides education, support and hope to families living with autism

here's how we're fulfilling our mission

(2021 Data)

Autism Education Programs


individuals and families affected by autism attended Autism Education Programs

“A very informative and comprehensive conference; covered all areas related to autism in a detailed manner. I really appreciate the medical videos that helped parents understand the reasoning behind biomedical intervention and the parent stories and perspective on biomedicine from the autism side helped to integrate all the information.” 

My husband and I have learned practical and theoretical steps of what else we can do, and more questions to ask our doctor at the next appointment.  What you have done is building foundations for our daughter to heal, and in turn helping our family have healthier relationships with each other. THANK YOU!!!”



of TACA families learn new skills, resources, and information to better support their child’s health, wellness, and quality of life



of individuals who attend TACA Educational Workshops now have a better understanding of their child’s educational rights and needs



of TACA Conference participants learned a minimum of 3 skills and resources to help their child and family


Empowerment and Support


individuals and families living with autism engaged in TACA support networks and initiatives


of TACA families gain connections to resources in their community through our family support programs

“The Mentor Program helped me by showing me that I'm not alone. By opening my eyes to all the resources and possible treatments out there for my son. And for giving me hope for my son.”


“So powerful to connect with someone who’s already been through it. Especially someone in my community who knows its strengths and limits.”



parents new to TACA’s Parent Mentor Program were matched with a mentor in 2021



of mentees gained a minimum of two tools, methods, or resources to support their child



reported the program had a positive impact on their child’s journey



of mentees would recommend the Mentor Program to other families


“We are truly grateful for all the resources TACA offers.  My kids think fondly of the TACA Picnic where families can come together for an opportunity to bond and for our kids to enjoy rides without any judgements. TACA is a great resource in our lives."

“We attend TACA Family Events because they are a place where my son’s behavior is accepted and where inclusion is not an issue.”


of parents who attend a TACA Family Event report the event provided a safe, fun, and judgment free environment for their child and family


“I just want to say thank you to this group. I can’t thank you enough. Because of this group, I was able to shorten my daughter’s wait to 6 months from 18 months for a developmental pediatrician and 3 months for a pediatric neurologist. Thank you all for empowering me. I am so hopeful about the number of supplements and options for my daughter that I am learning here. Thank you for getting me through this. I’m finally feeling hope in my heart that we might get her body well so she can be her happy self.”



individuals actively participate in TACA’s Hope & Help Private Facebook Group (an online support group), gaining insights and empowering one another through their shared experiences

Medical Scholarships


in Medical Scholarships distributed to families in need

“The scholarship has literally saved us. Before it, I was desperate and hopeless, ready to put my then 4-year-old on psychiatric meds. But thanks to you, I have discovered alternative treatments and learned so much through the doctor I worked with and webinars you provide. TACA is my number one autism support group, and the best out of all the autism sites in my opinion. The way you organize the tools is empowering. I'm thinking of finding a mentor next, and maybe becoming one in future. Thanks again for supporting us! You save lives!”



of scholarship recipients would recommend this program to other parents


of medical scholarship recipients were able to increase their knowledge of and access to new treatments


of medical scholarship recipients saw improvements in their child’s health, development, and behavior


continued with treatments/medical care after scholarship funds had been spent